Smoky Mountain Heritage Log Cabins

Make a memory on the peaceful side of the Smokies

Honeymoon/Anniversary Cabins, Townsend, TN

            The Bear's Den Master Suite! 

Bear's Den master suite

Some General Cabin Info :-) 

All of our cabins are exceptional!  Quality construction, furnishings, surroundings, hot tubs, fireplaces, decks, linens and bedding fill each one and are prepared especially for our guests in mind!   We want you to feel cared for and welcomed from the time you drive through the gate!

We escort you up the mountain to your special log cabin, give you some information about the cabin amenities and the key.  We are happy to answer any questions you may have also to make your stay smoother! All of the cabins are equipped with hot tubs on a private deck and Jacuzzi inside! 

Guests sometimes prefer certain locations on the mountain.  Honey Bear Pause is closest to the swimming pool and easier to get into.  It is the lowest on the mountain.

Mountain Memories is about 1/3 of the way up the mountain with a panoramic mountain view.

The Love Sweet is about 2/3 of the way up the mountain and with a descending drive.

Angel's Hideaway Adventure is a little higher up the mountain with numerous stairs up to a beautiful mountain view.

The Bear's Den is on the top of the mountain, once you make the drive up the mountain the drive way is flat and surroundings are amazing. 

One room/Great room cabins 

(The Love Sweet, Honey Bear Pause & Angel's Hideaway Adventure!!)

 are just right for Honeymoon couples or a special get a way.  They’re spacious and filled with rustic charm.  They are surrounded with amazing plants, trees, birds, mountain air and peacefulness. We have 3 to choose from.                        

   Our other 2 cabins

                                       (Mountain Memories & The Bear's Den)

                               are great for couples and a place to be alone or for families to gather                                                                         together. 2-6 guests. 



                            Mountain Memories...Look out over the mountain vista! 

Lush Green surroundings and privacy

                          AMAZING AUTUMN!!! 

Autumn Ablaze with color

Spectacular Mountain Laurels Line the roads in late May or early June in the Park and elsewhere! 

Rhodadendron's end of May-June approximately all along the River road